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  • Recruiting & Transition

  • Hiring & Acquiring

  • Selling & Succession

  • Financing & Lending

Open Your Potential®

We help our advisor clients, RIA Investment Advisors and their practices open your potential® through our turnkey solution boxes. Advisorbox offers a consultative, advisor advocate approach to help advisors achieve and accelerate fulfilling their potential.

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Recruiting & Transition

Recruiting and transition consulting and placement services for producing retail and institutional advisors.

Depth of options, structures, models, and platforms for advisors of all shapes and sizes.

Monetization strategies through recruiting deals and succession timing foresight.

Hiring & Acquiring

Help advisors and their practices with inorganic growth strategies and implementation.

Connect advisors with other advisors looking to merge, tuck-in, or affiliate. 

Maintain free Buyer List we pool from to hand pick and introduce qualified advisor acquirers with our seller and succession clients.

Selling & Succession

Assisting advisors looking to sell or slow down with strategies to maximize their monetization and minimize their stress.

Turnkey process for seller. We also connect seller with vendors we trust as needed in the process. 

Help wirehouse advisors sell their practice externally instead of only receiving pennies on the dollar through sunsetting.

Lending & Financing

Develop financing strategies and structures for firms to utilize as a recruiting and acquisition tool for their affiliated or joining advisors.

Utilize AdvisorLoans and their open lender architecture, to provide lending options for clients hiring, acquiring, or expanding. 

Loan advisory consultative model to compare SBA, Tri-Party, and Conventional loan programs.

Advisorbox Analysis: Ameriprise Financial

Although the Ameriprise Franchise Group represents one of the biggest advisor forces in the independent channel, it is also the most misunderstood. We find that advisors have more misperceptions about the Ameriprise franchise model than any other. This was the impetus for Advisorbox creating this analysis.

The analysis was developed for Financial Advisors as a resource to evaluate ten key aspects of the value proposition of the Ameriprise franchise model. It details the benefits and limitations of the Ameriprise Franchise Group, and the comparisons and contrasts to the RIA model and other independent broker dealers.

This analysis covers what Advisorbox sees as the most compelling aspects for an advisor to consider. The franchise model of course won’t be the ideal fit and match for every advisor. No model is a fit for every advisor.

ValuationMax Calculator

ValuationMax is a market-based valuation general estimate model.

Designed to be a calculator for general ballpark value of an independent financial advisory business.

Inorganic Growth Strategies

  • Impact of hiring and acquiring

  • Hiring quantity, GDC, override, frequency

  • Acquisition quantity, values, financing, frequency

  • Acquisition breakeven projections

Selling and Succession

  • Practice monetization strategies

  • Timeline to retirement projections

  • Selling structure comparisons

  • Compare Selling vs. Sunsetting


  • Compare different models, firms, recruiting deals, compensation

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